How To Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce

“Millions of women will thank Robyn Todd for writing this intelligent and empowering book. If you’re in love with a man who’s getting a divorce, How to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce will be the answer to your prayers!”
—Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., Author of Are You the One for Me?

“A witty, informative, and important view of divorce — from the other end of the looking-glass.”
—David Steinberg, Comedian, Director

You’ve just met the most amazing man: intelligent, fun, charming, and… currently “in the process of a divorce.” This could mean anything from sleeping on the couch to engaging in legal battles over who’s going to get the couch. With 65% of marriages ending in divorce, an average of one million men every year are “not-quite unattached,” in most cases dating long before the divorce is final. While this creates new options for single women, it also creates situations fraught with frustrations, pitfalls, and disappointments.

Drawing from her own experience, Robyn Todd has created a practical guide for an emotional journey. Whether you are currently involved with such a relationship, or licking your wounds from an unsuccessful attempt to follow your heart, How to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce will keep you sane and help you make the right decisions for you.

Written in a positive, down-to-earth, and sometimes humorous tone, this is a much-needed survival guide addressing all your concerns and questions, including:

Am I the kind of woman who can take this risk?
Is he worth taking that risk for?
Why is his divorce taking so long?
What if I’m his transitional relationship?
How can I avoid obsessing over his relationship with his wife?
You’ll also find profiles of real women’s experiences, important statistics, and chapter checkpoints by prominent psychologist Dr. Leslie Pam, as well as a glossary of legal terms and a state-by-state guide to divorce laws.

A handbook for millions of women today, How to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce gives you all the ammunition you need to protect your heart while building a happy and healthy relationship.

“We live in complex times where it is unusual to find love without finding an assortment of attachments. The authors understand this well, and have created a very clear and sensible ‘manual’ for dealing with a particularly common problem.”
—Steven Carter, Author of Getting to Commitment and Men Who Can’t Love

“Writing with charm and style, Todd and Dormen take us to a land mercifully free of men who can’t love and women who love too much.”
—Dalma Heyn, Author of Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives

“The perfect guide for what has become an increasingly large part of the population: women navigating the treacherous waters of dating men in the process of divorce.”
—Sally Jessy Raphael


“Where do you go for help? My married and single girlfriends couldn’t relate. I hauled myself to the self-help and psychology sections of every bookstore in town. I learned that men are from Mars, how to deal with stepchildren, the stages of grieving for a dead spouse. I learned how to save a marriage, how to avenge a philandering husband, how long to spend on the telephone with a new boyfriend. But I found not one sentence about how to go the distance with a not-yet-divorced man.

“Do you know how, once you’ve survived a romantic ‘war zone,’ you start hearing other survivors’ stories? Well, I began to hear them – in great numbers. Every story was a variation of my own and involved the ex, the kids, the lawyers, the blame, the manipulations. None of those women had had a clue what to expert, either.

“Now that I do, I feel compelled to share the lessons I learned with other women.”

—from the preface by Robyn Todd

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